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Small-Business & Life Coach

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Lawrence provides the following services:

  • Small Business Coaching

  • Life Coaching

  • Copywriting and Editing

  • Spiritual Direction

Monks is a certified Small-Business and Life Coach through Bonfire Coaching. Later this Summer Lawrence will become a certified Zig Ziglar Legacy Certified Trainer.

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Small Business Coach

Lawrence helps new entrepreneurs navigate the challenges of bringing what they know will work into actual fruition from start to finish. As a small-businessman himself and as a teacher of Entrepreneurialism to high school and junior college students, Lawrence can guide you through all that you need to succeed in your new venture. 

Life Coach

Lawrence helps individuals set and achieve personal or professional goals by providing support, guidance, and motivation along the way. He guides people to focus on self-discovery, goal-setting, and action plan creation to enhance various aspects of a person's life.

Spiritual Director

Lawrence provides guidance and support to individuals seeking to deepen their spiritual lives and relationship with the divine. This role involves offering a safe and confidential space for the seeker to explore his/her spiritual experiences, questions, and challenges. Lawrence listens attentively, asks insightful questions, and helps the seeker discern the presence and action of the divine in his/her life. Lawrences facilitates a process of self-discovery and spiritual growth, helping the seeker find his own path to greater spiritual fulfillment and understanding.

Lawrence is a Novice Lay Monk in the Community of the Gospel and is currently working towards a Certificate in Christian Ministry through Trinity School of Ministry, which will certify him to a Spiritual Director. After achieving this certification Lawrence will continue his studies at Trinity to earn a Master of Arts in Religion.  


Lawrence writes content is clear, accurate, and consistent regardless of its purpose. He writes and edits copy, verifies facts, ensures proper style and tone, and checks for overall readability and coherence. As a copyeditor he works closely with writers to maintain the intended voice while improving the structure and flow of the text. Additionally, he formats documents according to specific guidelines and ensures that citations and references are correctly presented in order to enhance the quality and professionalism of the final document, making it polished and ready for publication.

Lawrence has written and published curriculums for schools, industry training centers, and professional coaching programs. Finally, he holds a Bachelor of Science  in Professional Writing from the University of Houston. 

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