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Larry Monks is the Good Time DJ

DJ Duo Larry & Celina Monks
DJing a Wedding Reception
Wedding Reception is Hopping
Larry Loves adding Receptions
Neighborhood Party
Larry DJing a Beach Party
Company Christmas Party
Church Parking Lot Party
Whatever the reason is for wanting a DJ, Larry has most likely already performed for an event just like yours. He has been the DJ for more types of events than you can think of for more years than he'd like to admit.  

Good Time DJ Commercial

Larry Monks brings the Good Time to any event you intend on hosting. By combining his professional voice, music knowledge, and a variety of other fun and "acceptable" activities, Larry "brings it!" so that everyone leaves your function laughing or smiling yakking on about the great time they had. 

Larry has been a mobile DJ since 1984. During his tenure he has also worked as a radio DJ and stadium public address announcer so his professional excellence has developed over years of experience working with a variety of crowds. His main objective has always been to make sure that the majority of those at a event for which he is performing truly have a good time.  

Contact Larry, the Goodtime DJ
2016 Main Street, Suite 1722
Houston, TX 77002

CALL or TEXT: (713) 459-8009

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