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Larry enjoys taking landscape and cityscape photographs.  Below are some photo slides which Larry has taken over the years. Some have been edited and cropped. 

Houston Heights

The Houston Heights is the oldest neighborhoods in Texas. It is located 4 miles from downtown Houston. Most of the houses were built in the late 1800s to early 1900s, which for Houston is quite old.


Many low rent apartments sprang up in the 1960s to 70s due to the expansive growth of the city and burgeoning suburban development.  Though the Heights was experiencing a creeping death, a new trend began in the late '90s that hasn't stopped thanks to Hipsters and later Millennials. A classical revival sprung in the Heights with some added modernism.    


Now, many of the original homes have been restored with modern appliances, new classic-looking patio and town homes starting to take over left behind warehouses and industrial buildings, and several new stylish condominiums have spawned up here and there.  The neighborhood is now a quaint town with a more upscale hint of Austin coolness throughout sitting right within the soon to be third largest city in the America. 

Balcony Views from Downtown Houston

Balcony views from Downtown Houston presents a number of spectacular views. In this slide show, I display a number of photographs from my balcony as well as from other condominiums, hotels and office buildings. 


Downtown Houston

Houston is a unique city in that it actually has five different skylines that are complete disconnected from each other. Downtown Houston of course is the oldest. In this slide show I have photos that I have taken of the whole skyline, residential places, little nooks and funky places and so much more. 

In downtown Houston there is the second largest theater district in the USA behind Broadway, the tallest buildings in the country outside of New York City and Chicago, the tallest building west of the Mississippi River, the homes of the Houston Rockets and Astros and MLS Dynamo, numerous parks, and a ton of new bars and restaurants. 

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