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Rule of Life

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A Rule of Life is a set of guidelines and commitments directing one's life. In its simplest form a rule establishes devoting:

  • a part of your day to God and service to others, 

  • a portion of your day to your usual vocation,

  • a portion of your day to healthy refreshment and rest.


A rule of Life may include regular attendance at the Holy Eucharist, making retreats, placing oneself under a spiritual director or confessor, and fasting or other acts of self denial. Relationship with God has to come first, and it should fit into all one does.


Lawrence's rule includes set times of daily prayer and contemplation, study (such as reading the Bible or other good theological writings), and acts of charity. This is feeding his soul and mind like eating food feeds his body.  

A rule may be worked out with a spiritual director, or one may follow a shortened or modified version of the rule of a particular religious order. Some people commit to a rule that is basically a resolve to live with a certain disposition of prayer, study, and charity. Participation in the Daily Office is at the heart of Anglican spirituality, and included in many rules of life.

Since Lawrence is a classical Christian in the Anglican tradition who attends Saint Thomas Episcopal Church in Houston, TX, he receives great spiritual direction from Rev. David Browder, Rector of Saint Thomas, and Rev. Geoffrey Simpson, Chaplin of Saint Thomas School. In the discernment process of developing his Rule of Life, Lawrence joined the The Community of the Gospel monastic community where he is currently a Postulant who is married and working in the middle of the world. 

Lawrence is always available to discuss establishing a Rule of Life that will best fit you. He combines being a certified life coach and a monastic to guide others develop their own rule. 

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